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Индонезия на карте – островное государство в Юго-Восточной Азии INDONESIA - an island nation in South-East Asia

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The area of ​​Indonesia is 1 904.5 thousand km 2 (the 14th place in the world, see the map of Indonesia )

The population of Indonesia is 257.6 million people (data for 2015, the 4th place in the world),
in urban population - 43%

The official language is Indonesian (a significant part of the population uses local languages, among which the most common are Javanese, Sudanese, Madurian and Batak)

Ethnic composition: Javanese - 42%, Sundans - 14%, Madurotsy - 7.5%, coastal Malays - 7.5%, Melanesians - 4%. A total of 765 ethnic groups

The number of Russian citizens who visited Indonesia: 96.3 thousand people. (2014 data)

The capital of Indonesia: Jakarta (6 ° 15'S, 106 ° 53'E, 9600 thousand inhabitants)

Large cities: Surabaya (3,300 residents), Bandung (2,900,000 inhabitants), Bekasi (2000,000 inhabitants), total 11 cities with a population of more than 1 million people

Climate: equatorial, hot, humid, more temperate in the highlands

Landscape: Indonesia consists of more than 17,500 islands, most of which are coastal lowlands; on the big islands - mountains

The lowest point of the country: the sea ​​coast, 0 m

The highest point of the country: Punchak-Jaya 5030 m

Indonesia's GDP (at purchasing power parity): 2676 billion dollars (data for 2014, 8th place in the world)

GDP per capita: 10.4 thousand dollars.

National currency of Indonesia: Indonesian rupee (IDR, code 360)

Time zones: Indonesia is located in 4 time zones; The capital of Jakarta is GMT + 7. Time is 4 hours ahead of Moscow time

Telephone code: +62 (8-10-62)

Internet domains: .id

Official Holidays in Indonesia:

January 1 - New Year,

a moving date in October and February - the Muslim New Year,

Movable date between January 21 and February 21 - Chinese New Year,

a mobile date in March-April - Great Friday,

a mobile date in the second half of March - Niepie (Hindu New Year),

a mobile date in spring and summer - Maulid (the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad),

mobile date in May-June - Ascension,

mobile date in April-June - Vesak,

August 17 - Independence Day,

a mobile date in the summer - Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad,

a mobile date in late October and early November - Lebaran (Uraza-Bairam, 7 days)

December 25 - Christmas (on the eve - part-time work),

a moving date between the end of December and the beginning of February - Idul Adha (kurban-bairam, celebrated for 2 days)

Road traffic: left-hand

Voltage in the electrical network: 127 / 230V / 50Hz (in most large cities - 230V), the types of sockets: C, F, G

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# аноним. 0 # anonymous. 04/04/2013 17:06
Oh, who, whom Indonesia just for a long time it is time to take in the BRICS, I do not understand why they do not accept this alliance. The 15th economy of the world with an economic growth of 6-7% inferior only to China :-)
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# Алексей 13.05.2015 09:15 0 # Alex 05/13/2015 09:15
Rested in Bali last year, but what to write! Country is not cheap as it turned out! Alkog ol expensive, will bite You can not be expensive in only one place not from the hotel HARD ROCK in the shoreline to go for about 5 minutes, you will see a network of restaurants where almost all foreigners eat there. There are different shells and prawns, and very tasty. the ocean turned out to be very dirty and with large waves, so I had to travel with my wife to various places of interest If you go with children I advise you to visit the park of birds, the entrance is not cheap $ 50 per person, childish th ticket at my $ 15. But this park is not where in the world there is not exactly where you can put yourself a cockatoo on your shoulder or look at half a meter from yourself on the peacock.
There are also parks of monkeys, there is also fun, but you need to be careful with them, There are a lot of super markets in Bali, alcohol I've already written above, but adrenaline is only $ 0.5 for a small bank. Fruits are more expensive than in Vietnam and Thailand.
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# Алекс 30.10.2015 02:14 0 # Alex 10/30/2015 02:14
I'm on Kalimantan, frying about and humid, but it gets attached ... ж You can, everything is accessible and acceptable ...
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